Book Editing

Editing self-help, fiction, medical and leadership books

Sample Edits
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Infinity Engines Novels

So far I have edited 6 novels and 3 novellas for Andrew Hastie and his intriguing Infinity Engines time travel series. Editing involves the usual things like grammar, spelling, punctuation, continuity - in the case of these books it also involves verifying dates and places of true historical incidents!

If you like damaged heroes, timeline paradoxes, and surprising twists and turns, then you’ll love Andrew Hastie’s fast-paced tales.

The NHS - Our Sick Sacred Cow

Dr David Dighton is a cardiac specialist and private GP who has written several books about maintaining a healthy heart, having a healthy diet etc. Editing these books throws up lots of medical-related questions although this author is excellent at proofing himself!

The latest book is an exposé of the NHS and medical profession in the UK. Why is it dysfunctional, and why is the NHS failing to provide effective medical care for UK citizens and become unfit for purpose?

Detective Marshall Thrillers

The thrillers are set in 21st century London and follow Pippa Marshall as she works on numerous serial killers' cases, whilst juggling a complicated love life.

On the surface these types of novels are easier to edit than time travel, but I have found when editing all 3 that you have to have your wits about you. The amount of detail in the books, forensic or otherwise, keeps you on your toes as an editor!